William Christenberry (1936-2016)

House and Car, near Akron, Alabama, 1978, © William Christenberry



One thought on “William Christenberry (1936-2016)

  1. I have an affinity for photographers who play with color, especially vibrant colors that “pop”. The blue truck is clearly the “pop” of color in this image. What is interesting though, is that the color in this instance detracts from what I think the most important part of the photo is: the house. I feel like the house and setting really tell a story. The house looks beat up, abandoned, and in shambles. The hint of green field on the right of the image gives you a hint as to location and setting. The car looks equally as trashed as the house, but in a tad better condition than the wooden structure. The dirt from the roads seems to get onto and all over everything. This photograph really gives you a feel for the area it was taken in.

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