Euphoria // Visual Poem I

This is the beginning to a channel series of various poems turned into visuals. Comment below what poems or sayings you would like to see!

Euphoria Poem (Written by me):
Inside we wait..
and we age.
And as time slips by
the walls we have built are our only solace.
Stuck, here.
Living the same lackluster imbrications,
From a small window,
we watch the world around us,
leap abundantly full of what we lack.
We choose to remain.
Remain endlessly vacant of the world.

If you listen close enough..
Reach far enough..
Look hard enough..
You too can be engulfed,
In a timeless wonder,
Because the world is full of beauty,
if you choose to see it.

Filmed on a Black Magic 4K Production Camera


Personal Twitter:!/CaseyNaranjo


The Littlest Phoenix

“And if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart.” – St. John

A poem about freedom and the beauty which emerged from pain. Joy will triumph over fire.

Poetry by Katrina Warme (;
Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor – David Hutchinson
Composer – John Anderson

The Depressed: Meghan McDonough
The Abused: Mathew San Jose
The Self-loathing: Melinda Marchiano
The Phoenix: Laura Topete

Poetry taken from “Hello, Dear One” – an upcoming book of poems about surviving the flames and learning to soar again.

Filmed in Malibu and San Diego with the Canon T3i and 7D