Hannah Höch

Das schöne Mädchen [The Beautiful Girl], 1920

Flucht (Flight) , 1931, Collage, 9 1/10 × 7 1/5 in

Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany, 1919

hannah hoch modenschau



One thought on “Hannah Höch

  1. I feel that this image is a reflection of Hoch’s feminist point of view, and a commentary on how women were perceived and valued at the time she was working. Each woman’s faces is obscured in some way, and the semi-nude female form is a prominent part of the foreground. Surrounded by logos of the BMW brand, a tire, a watch, and a piece of machinery, the status of woman is reduced to that of a machine.

    I also see Hoch making a comment on how women were portrayed in the media. Working in photo-montage, it appears that most of these images were clipped straight from magazines, which we all know have not historically portrayed women as being equal to men. The use of BMW logo in combination with the female figure also smacks of automobile adverts in which a sensuous female form is somehow supposed to communicate the features and benefits of a car.

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