One thought on “Bill Viola: Cameras are soul keepers

  1. Powerful words from Bill Viola in the Making of Emergence. He is making the argument for keeping the camera in one place to allow, rather then making several shots from various traditional cinematic view points which are edited later into a sequence. He proposed and made Emergence as a way to show the that the action, in its entirety, can carry all the emotion, all the story—all the evocative nuissances without dramatic editing.

    The performer can be allowed to unfold, rather then for the “performance” to be made in post-production. There is still framing of the composition, and yet there is great freedom given to the performer to create the scene—to hold the scene and to become the scene. Rather then to be at the mercy of the editing.

    The manner of making Viola proposes and created for this is akind to theatre (and painting/sculpture) rather then cinema. Many thanks for posting this. I look forward to watching the 28 minute interview of Viola too!

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