Jöns and the Spider
Duration: 06’24”
Year of production: 2010
Technique: Cut-out puppet stop-frame Animation on Rostrum Camera

A little boy gets locked in a house in the forest by his master, who has ordered him to make violins. The boy painstakingly builds violins, longing for his freedom and the sweet sound of their music, when a spider appears in his life to give his dreams a sprinkle of hope.

Atrium Gallery – Western Michigan University


Marie-Margaux is an Italian and Greek film-maker and Illustrator based in London, who started working with Animation in 2005, while in her Foundation year at the UCA. (former KIAD). Her interest in Animation lead her to Kingston University London, from where she graduated in 2008 with a First Class BA Honours degree in Illustration and Animation for her graduation film ‘He Seemed Lovely’. Moving straight to the Royal College of Art for an MA in Animation, she continued working using her sketchbooks, observational drawing and life drawings as her main source of inspiration and animation. While at the RCA she created two more films: ‘Eric, do you exist?’ which was completed in 2009 and her graduation film ‘My Mother’s Coat’ in 2010. Her interest in documentary animation has lead her to the use of interviews for the inspiration and creation of all of her films, with the ‘familial circle’ being her main theme of interest and exploration. Her film ‘My Mother’s Coat’ has been screened in festivals worldwide, including Onedotzero, Stuttgart Trickfilm festival and Edinburgh Film festival and received an award for ‘Best Film’ in Tallinn, Estonia, by the Estonian Academy of Arts Animation students jury, in 2010 and in the Animasyros Animation festival in Greece in 2011. Jons and the Spider is her first stop-frame puppet animation, which she co-directed with Soyoung Hyun.

Soyoung Hyun is a Korean film-maker based in London, who graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Animation in 2011. Prior to this she received a BA Hons in Hyper media Design from the Hansung University in Korea. Her MA graduation film ‘How Life Tastes’ has been selected for screening in various festivals including SICAF in Korea and L’Alternativa in Spain. Recently, Soyoung is working freelance as an animator in London.