Ryan McDaniel


My “Anxiety” installations begin with my own anxiety- the anxiety that makes me lose my breath, grasp for words, and feel that sudden uneasiness of an imminent event. In my paintings and installations I produce work that evokes this psychological quality in physical and environmental space. These spaces function as limits or boundaries of the physical realm. I see anxiety as a limitation, bounding me. The enclosed spaces that I either work within or represent function as limitations and confines as well. The forms I fill these spaces with are metaphorical in nature. I consume a space with a repetitive process of breathing into each paper bag, referencing an escape to anxiety through hyperventilation. Securing each bag to walls, ceilings, floors, and any other properties of the space, creating a place as I slowly envelop it. This piece constructs a surreal place that remains strangely comforting, in its scale and theatrics.


Between Dimensions • Nathan Kandus


Between Dimensions
Burning Man and The Crucible, 2014
A collaboration with David Wright, Evan Glantz, Luke Wilson, and the Envelope Engineers
Projectors, Monitor, Camera, Steel, Fabric
30′ wide, 110′ deep, 20′ tall

“Between Dimensions” is an interactive live video feedback fractal generator based on experiments by James Crutchfield. Two 20’ tall by 30’ wide walls suspend 794 independent projection screens. A camera looks at a monitor while the monitor displays what the camera sees. This creates a loop of video feedback, which allows for the formation of structures. When mirrors are added to the monitor, the structures become increasingly complex. The user has the ability to rotate the camera as well as adjust the distance to the monitor. Depending on the rotation angle and distance, different fractals will be made.

Fractals and the beautiful images that can be made from their structures have captured the attention of the public mind. What differentiates fractals from regular objects is that fractals have non-integer dimensions. In other words, a fractal object has a dimension between the first and second dimension, the second and third dimension, etc. To play and experiment to gain a better understanding of fractals is invaluable; for from the scientific to the esoteric, fractals are woven into the fabric of our world.