Born Rich


An Inside Look at the Lives of the Heirs to The World’s Greatest Family Fortunes

Jamie Johnson, 20-year-old heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical empire, turns in a remarkable documentary about the lives of the children of the wealthiest families in the world. This 2003 Sundance Film Festival Selection and Emmy-nominated documentary shows Johnson turning the camera on himself and 10 of his friends. Born Rich candidly reveals the great privileges and the excess baggage that go along with their high net worth. For the first time ever in a feature documentary, hear Trumps, Bloombergs and Vanderbilts discuss the one subject everybody knows is taboo—money, and lots of it.


3 thoughts on “Born Rich

  1. i really thought that this movie had a lot of interesting points that kind of made me laugh like how they were all scared that they wouldn’t know what they would do if all their money was lost, although i really think that anyone that looses all their money wouldn’t know what to do maybe in a different sence but still the same. all the kids except for trump seemed like they really had no idea what they were doing in life

  2. I would have to agree with Andy, Ms. Trump seemed right on track. Intelligent as well. However, the guy who was the oldest, I cannot remember his name, he seemed the most down to earth. But these people are just ‘stuck’ into society. I hope they learn responsibility and use their money wisely. Chances are that they will not though.

  3. Money is a touchy topic for everyone… i sure know i don’t like to talk about it. How many of these kids seemed truly happy?

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